Excitement and editing had kept me awake all night, so when 5:00am rolled around it was all too easy for me to pull on a sweater and grab my camera. It was 90 minutes before sunrise which gave me a solid 30 minutes of travel time before the nights darkness all but vanished and the mornings changing light began. I grabbed the rest of my gear I whispered to Damien “Get up we need to photograph the sunrise”. My initial whispers were poor attempts to wake Damien from his snore filled slumber, but with some persistence he momentarily shook awake and grumbled tiredly “I’m not going”! His refusal was somewhat disappointing but not surprising based on the time, which I might add I was quickly running out. So with little argument I accepted his grouchy rebuttal, grabbed my key and headed down to the busy Budapest streets.
The morning air felt cold and sharp on my skin as I briskly hustled through the city. My objective was plan and simple, I needed to climb the mountain like hill on the far side of the city before the lights on the Liberty Bridge were turned off and the sun started to rise. Luckily Damien’s good friend John had given us a tour of the town the day before, otherwise it would have been impossible for me to navigate my way thought the oddly named streets.
Truthfully had to second guessed myself ones or twice along the way, but after a short while my sloppy sense of direction kicked in and I found myself at the base of the hill. Halfway there I thought as I slowly began my accent up a dark and narrow pathway. As I climbed my sneakers softly squeaked on the stone stair case which was forged in the hill side and all at once I felt a panic. It uncomfortably quiet and I was alone in a strange place. I didn’t feel safe but I wanted this sunrise photo so badly, so with a deep breath I pressed on.
It wasn’t long after my mini melt down that I reached the location I had scouted the day before. It was a small natural platform in the rocks with a clear view of the Liberty bridge. I carefully climbed over to ledge and began setting up. I had made it!


Morning in Romania
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