Morning in Romania

The sun slowly started to rise as we raced along an all but vacant highway in Romania. It was cold outside but the colours in the sky were so vibrant that the temperature couldn’t keep us from pulling the car over to snap a couple photos. By Damien’s request we stopped near a large metal bridge which gave us a vantage point over the near by suburban houses. I Ripped my tri pod out of car and ran up the stairs in record time. Damien had reached the top moments before me and had already began capturing the sun as it broke through the distant horizon. Trailing behind me was our tour guide and newest friend Manu. Manu was initially puzzled by our pleas to stop the car randomly but when he reached the bridges platform he realized what we were looking to capture. The landscape was breath taking, beautiful and most importantly off the tourist map. Like every sunrise this one eventually faded into day and soon we were off on an adventure which was filled with many more random stops.

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