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Music is art form everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re a musician yourself, a festival junkie, fan of live shows or you just like singing along in the car, music is a huge part of our culture. At Kirvan Photography we understand the importance of music both as an art form and a way of life. Because of this, we take our music photography and films very seriously. We don’t just take photos of bands and artists, we help them develop their image by; producing online content, recording live shows, documenting festivals, designing posters, creating album art, making one sheet’s, and filming music videos. In other words, We help musicians share their art and their sound with the world, and we couldn’t be happier to do it.

Festival Video

Are you involved in a music festival that the world needs to know about? Why not spread the word about it with a great video or event better several videos. Just let us know where your festival will take place and we’ll make sure you get all the coverage you need to promote your festival properly.

Studio Video

Whether it’s your first album or you’re a seasoned veteran in the studio, recording is always an exciting time. It’s a time when your creativity is at its fullest, so why not share your excitement and your creativity with your fans. At Kirvan Photography + Film we make live studio videos a breeze. Simply tell us when and where your recording and we’ll do the rest.

Festival Photos
Live Video

Do you have an awesome location in mind for a music video? Perhaps it’s a space with amazing acoustics that would be perfect for recording audio. If your thinking of doing a live video we can help. Tell us your music video idea and will make it a reality.

The Moment

When it happens you know it right away. There’s no need for a second shot, you know you’ve got it!

Cinematic Video

Do you have a song needs a cinematic video? Whether you’ve got a storyline in mind or you just think your song would make a great soundtrack, we can help. Simply send us your songs and share your ideas and we’ll start storyboarding.