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Summer Style

Summertime is the best time to shoot high fashion photography. The sun is shining and the clothing options are limitless. From swimwear to sundresses the summer has it all, plus a whole lot of accessories. One of my favourite high fashion shoots took place in the busy streets of Toronto. The sun was falling lower in the sky and I was working with the extremely talented model Lae D'Arcy. The objective of our shoot was to create an image that was both fancy and fun. To achieve this look we dressed Lae D'Arcy in shoulderless dress gave her many accessories to play with. We experimented with sunglasses, bracelets, hats and watches until we found the perfect look. The end result was a golden image, which was beautifully backlit by the sun. We added just a touch of strobe-lit to illuminate Lae's face and tied it all together with a large sun hat. Lae D'Arcy really calls the viewer's gaze into the shot by staring directly into the camera. Her eyes which are just barely visible from under the large hat, make it impossible to look at anything else.