Thunder Bay Breakfast Poutine

Thunder Bay Breakfast Poutine
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Early Morning Meal

Its hard to believe that the Thunder Bay Breakfast Poutine actually exists. Truthfully, a poutine sounds like too large a meal for the morning, but who am I to judge. My job is to make food look good and not ask questions, so that's what I did.  I was asked to photograph the Thunder Bay Breakfast Poutine for the Walleye which is one of the towns local newspapers. My instruction on this project were fairly simple. Arrive at Dayton's restaurant and capture the breakfast poutine in all its glory. Photographing food may seem like a simple process but I personally think it takes a bit of effort to make a meal truly pop. For this particular project, I decided to used one addition light source to highlight the meal. Having the meal be naturally brighter than the rest of the image really makes it stand out. In addition to lighting, I also used the bar to create strong leading lines. By placing the poutine in the centre of these lines I'm forcing the viewer to look directly at my subject. These two simple techniques really helped create a stronger image. Of course, I can't take all the credit on this one because the chef really did a great job of plating the poutine.