Photography Advantage

In this age of the internet having photos online has never been so important to real estate agents, private sellers, landlords and their clients. If you have a house you’re looking to show off, we’re here to help you out. Connect with us and see how we do  real estate photography in Thunder Bay and across Ontario


We pride ourselves in being able to photography rooms both quickly and thoroughly. We use modern editing techniques to remove dark corners and ensure the whole room can be seen in each shot. Most importantly we give each room a clean and exciting look that buys can’t refuse.

Balanced lighting

without HDR

When home buyers are shopping online they want to see a real home, not a futuristic image. That’s why our real estate photographs show off a room’s natural light. This gives viewers a true look into the house they are interested in, instead of showing them an unrealistic and unappealing HDR version.

Great Rooms

Get extra coverage

Does your property have an amazing kitchen or master bedroom that needs extra angels? Let us know and we’ll gladly give your prized room extra attention. All these extra angles will help you put your properties best foot forward.