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My photo session with Christian

The journey of a business headshot photo shoot often begins with a simple inquiry, and in this case, it was Simona, the wife of the client, Christian, who took the initiative. Having discovered my photography services through a Google search for local headshot photographers, she found my website, Kirvan Photography. Intrigued by my portfolio and the style of photography I offered, Simona reached out to discuss the possibility of capturing her husband's business headshots.

During our conversation, I introduced Simona to my basic business photography package. This package, priced at $175, included half an hour of studio time, the flexibility to change outfits once, and the choice of three different photo backdrops. The simplicity and affordability of this package resonated with Simona, and without hesitation, she booked the session.

A black background provides the perfect backdrop for this Business Headshot of christian

Starting the photoshoot

On the scheduled day of the photo shoot, both Simona and Christian arrived dressed in professional business attire, ready to step in front of the camera. To set the mood and create a relaxed atmosphere, I played some upbeat 70s music, creating an environment conducive to capturing natural and genuine expressions.

As we began the shoot, a series of test shots helped us identify Christian's preferences. It became evident that he appreciated a significant amount of shadow in his images. Additionally, he desired crisp clothing details and a straightforward, front-facing look. Simona played an integral role during the session, offering assistance in posing Christian and ensuring his outfit remained immaculate. Whether it was adjusting a tie or swapping a pocket square, Simona's involvement contributed to the overall success of the shoot.

Collaboratively, we decided that Christian's best look was against our brown backdrop, complemented by a striking blue jacket. The synergy between Simona, Christian, and myself allowed us to create headshots that reflected both professionalism and personality.

A front facing Business Headshot of christian

Photo delivery

Upon concluding the photo shoot, I promptly delivered the edited images to Christian through Dropbox. The timely delivery ensured that he could use the headshots for professional purposes without delay.

Beyond the business aspects of the photo shoot, the experience was enjoyable and filled with camaraderie. The shared enthusiasm for creating impactful images made the session not only productive but also memorable. As I reflect on this collaboration, I am grateful for clients like Simona and Christian, who not only appreciate my style of photography but also actively contribute to the creative process. I look forward to future opportunities to work with clients who bring a similar level of engagement and enthusiasm to the table.

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