Newborn photo session with baby Liam

Liam first photoshoot

Capturing the pure innocence of a newborn is such a joy, especially when you get to meet the world's newest little bundle of joy like Liam! Just a few days before Liam's session, his awesome parents stumbled upon Kirvan Photography through a Google listing. They were on the hunt for a local newborn photographer, scrolled through our images, and totally fell in love with our natural style. How cool is that?

Excitement kicked in for me because this marked my first booking through Google's messaging system. Usually, I'm used to setting things up through phone calls, social media, or emails, but let me tell you, the Google system didn't disappoint. It was a breeze for both the parents and me, and before we knew it, Liam's session was all set!

After some friendly chatting, Liam’s parents decided on our 90-minute baby photography package. You know, the one that includes studio lighting, a bunch of fun props, and different backdrops to make the session super special. I made sure to tell them they could bring along any extra props or outfits they wanted to add a personal touch.

A sleeping beauty photographed in his newborn studio session

The day of the shoot

The day of the shoot finally arrived, and the parents brought along a delightful assortment of outfits for baby Liam. This included a vibrant red and white baseball player's uniform, an utterly charming bunny costume, and a miniature suit fit for a tiny gentleman. Of course, this session wasn't solely about capturing adorable moments with little Liam. The parents were equally thrilled to be a part of the photoshoot, creating lasting memories with their son.

We began by photographing dad and son, capturing their special bond. Following that heartwarming moment, it was mom's turn to share some precious moments with Liam. And, of course, we couldn't miss the opportunity to take some lovely family portraits, capturing the essence of their joy and togetherness.

Throughout the session, baby Liam proved to be a true professional in front of the camera. He effortlessly transitioned between adorable poses and playfully explored various baskets. Credit must also be given to the parents, whose enthusiasm added a vibrant and lively atmosphere to the studio. Their songs and dances worked like magic, coaxing out genuine smiles and creating an ambiance of pure joy, beautifully reflected in the resulting photographs.

Understanding the delicate nature of newborns is crucial when creating newborn photographs. With this in mind, I made sure the studio environment was warm and comfortable for Liam. Soft lighting was carefully chosen not only to produce aesthetically pleasing images but also to ensure it was gentle on the baby's eyes. Every pose was thoughtfully curated to be visually striking while prioritizing the safety and comfort of the newest member of the family.

Baby Liam in the cutest bunny costum during his newborn session

the outcome

The outcome? Well, it's a fabulous mix of pictures that tell a story. Some classic black and white shots and others bursting with vibrant colors. The couple? Totally thrilled! They were so happy with the final result that they gave us a shining 5-star review on Google.


Now, as I look back on this heartwarming session, I'm buzzing with excitement. I can't wait for the next newborn photography adventure. Each session is like opening a new chapter, with its own story to tell. It's a chance to hit pause on time and create memories that families will hold dear for a lifetime. The journey with Liam and his parents is a perfect example of the passion and artistry that Kirvan Photography pours into every newborn session. Can't wait to dive into the next one! 🌟📷

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