Business professional model shoot

Business professional model shoot
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Sarah In the City

This photograph was one of my favourite images from a business professional model shoot series. The overall idea for this shoot was to showcase the professional lifestyle in an urban setting. To carry out this look I met up with a well know Toronto dancer & model named Sarah. Together, Sarah and I decided to plan the shoot around graffiti ally in Toronto. This back alley location provided us with that darker grunge look which seemed to perfectly reflect the toughness of the city. To add to this look we dressed Sarah in a long grey trench coat, with a loose fitting scarf, pearl earrings and tied hair. All of these fashion decision really help to build Sarah's character in this shoot. The grey tones in her clothing really brought out that hardened professional look, almost like a business uniform. Sarah's loosely tied hair bring a level of stress out of her character while still maintaining a clean look. Lastly, the pearl earrings are a sign of wealth and achievement, which hints at her character's success. Aside from setting a great scene and creating a well fitting character we had to light the area appropriately. For this, I decided to go with a single light directly in front of the Sarah. This directional created man hard shadows and contrast, while also making our model pop out of the scene. This seemed very fitting for Sarah's Business professional character because it gave her a great amount of mystery & uncertainty while also drawing a lot of attention to her. In the end, I would say that all of these attributes helped to create and image that truly told a story.  Simply by looking at the photo viewers quickly become interested character and will be inspired to look throughout  the image for more information.