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Standard House photos

$ 125
  • 1 hour shoot
  • HDR images
  • pro colour grade
  • fast turn around

Standard House video

$ 175
  • 1 hour shoot
  • 30sec - 1 min video
  • vertical edit options
  • pro colour grade
  • fast turn around

drone add on

$ 75
  • photo + video
  • 5k resolution
  • FPV option
  • advanced air spaces
  • full drone licence

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why use professional, Real estate photography?

In the realm of real estate marketing, Thunder Bay real estate photographers play a pivotal role in showcasing properties with finesse and capturing their essence through high-quality visuals. Transitioning from traditional methods, the industry now relies heavily on professional real estate photography and videos to convey a property's allure effectively.

Firstly, these visuals offer a seamless introduction to properties, guiding potential buyers through each room with clarity. Beyond static images, videos provide a fluid walkthrough, enhancing the viewer's understanding of spatial arrangements. Consequently, clients can envision themselves within the property, fostering emotional connections that are crucial for decision-making.

Secondly, Thunder Bay real estate photographers wield advanced equipment and expertise, ensuring optimal lighting, angles, and perspectives. This attention to detail elevates property features and addresses common concerns, enhancing buyer confidence. Moreover, compelling visuals facilitate virtual tours, which are becoming increasingly essential in the modern, tech-savvy real estate landscape.

Lastly, the internet's dominance in property searches underscores the need for eye-catching visuals. Engaging photos and videos encourage prolonged browsing, increasing the likelihood of inquiries. Transitioning seamlessly from image to image or room to room, potential buyers remain captivated, enabling agents to communicate the property's value effortlessly.

In conclusion, Thunder Bay real estate photographers contribute significantly to the industry by creating captivating visual content. Their work transcends mere images, painting comprehensive narratives that entice buyers, establish emotional connections, and drive successful transactions.